Step Six: Implement and Monitor Plans

"Integrating adaptation recommendations into existing plans such as a Sustainability Plan or Official Community Plan improves the implementation process." - CAO for the District of Elkford, based on experiences from Elkford's Adaptation Planning Process 

What You Need To Do

CBT's Communities Adapting to Climate Change Initiative supports communities in their climate change adaptation planning process.  It is the responsibility of each community to implement and monitor their plan thereafter.

The Phase 1 and 2 communities are currently in the early stages of implementation and monitoring. As a result, the material presented for step six is limited. Additional resources will be added as the Phase 1 and 2 communities progress with their implementation and monitoring. Phase 1 and 2 communities are required to participate as mentors in the CBT Regional Adaptation Learning Network. This provides opportunity to share implementation updates and will provide essential resources for this section.

The ultimate success of a climate adaptation plan is dependent on the willingness of the community and local government to implement and act upon the recommendations. Progress can be measured by the implementation of the strategies within the allocated time frame. 

Approaches to Improving Implementation

Based on the experiences of phase one and two communities, some approaches to improving the implementation process include:

  • Having recommendations approved or adopted by Council through potentially integration into an existing plan i.e. a Sustainability Plan or OCP.
  • Ensuring recommendations have an assigned lead or champion.
  • Integrating long-term planning processes with climate projections to ensure decisions are being made with the future in mind.
  • Ensuring that the individuals responsible for each action review the strategies on a regular basis to gauge progress on implementation.
  • Adjusting time frames for implementing specific actions, if necessary, based on unexpected events and/or changing community priorities.
  • Monitoring implementation.
  • Reporting back to residents and CBT.

All climate change adaptation plans should be reviewed and updated over time, at a minimum every 5 years.

Useful Material

Resource: Implementation and Bylaw Examples for Implementation - Examples from Case Studies 

Community Example: Elkford's Template for Report Recommendations to Council that Includes Climate Change