Climate Change Adaptation Discovery Tool (ADT)

The nine climate change impacts and adaptation action themes found in the Climate Change Adaptation Discovery Tool (ADT) reflect the key themes that communities focused on during Phase 1 and 2 of the initiative.  These themes have continued to evolve and the most current version of themes and actions can be found in the Impacts and Adaptation section of this Resource Kit.

 The ADT is broken down thematically and includes action checklists so that communities can assess their status and progress on climate resilience and adaptation over time.  

Download a pdf of the complete Climate Change Adaptation Discovery Tool (ADT)

For each thematic area, the ADT provides a visual summary of the potential impacts that could result from climate change and a checklist of potential actions that communities can undertake to prevent, adapt or become more resilient to these impacts.

The checklists reflect the range of actions that Phase 1 and 2 communities included in their action plans. The lists are by no means exhaustive and will be updated over time as more Basin communities engage in planning for climate resilience.

Purpose and Audience for ADT

The ADT is a resource for communities within CBT’s region and could be a resource for communities elsewhere. This tool helps illustrate the adaptation planning process by highlighting the potential impacts of climate change at the local level and the actions that a community could take to prepare for those impacts. Some actions in the ADT could be integrated into Official Community Plans and other actions may be more appropriately undertaken by non-government groups or other levels of government.