1. Decision-making and Communication

Potential Strategies and Actions for Decision-making and Communication


Potential Actions

Doing Already

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1.1 Undertake public outreach regarding climate change adaptation and planning actions as they are implemented

  • Use all communication channels as well as relevant community events for outreach

1.2 Ensure local government and community committees, plans and processes consider climate impacts/adaptation in their decision making

  • Ensure there is a standing line item regarding climate change considerations in all staff memos to Council regarding major decisions

  • Review bylaws and regulations to account for and incorporate climate change

1.3 Review and strengthen emergency management systems to address potential climate change impacts

  • Ensure all relevant plans are included in review

1.4 Develop an urban forestry and tree renewal strategy


  • Ensure the planting of a diverse range of trees appropriate for a warming climate

  • Promote tree retention on residential and municipal properties

1.5 Consider climate change in land use planning decisions

  • Incorporate climate change considerations into Official Community Plans

  • Ensure planning and development-related activities - including bids, tenders and contracts - consider climate change impacts

1.6 Expand network of weather stations and climate data collection stations

  • Assess best locations for weather stations

  • Increase climate data processing at existing or new weather stations

Useful Material

Urban Forests: A Climate Adaptation Guide, BC Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, July 2010.