Initiative Presentations from Phase 1 and 2

The resources contained in this section are taken from Phase 1 and 2 of the Communities Adapting to Climate Change Initiative. They will be helpful to your community to understand the processes and lessons from communities that have done adaptation planning. 

Community Project Updates to the Learning Network

The Learning Network was established in June 2008 and directly supports local governments in the Columbia Basin (staff and elected officials) and their partners to learn and prepare for the impacts of climate change local level. Click here for more information on the Learning Network. 
Learning Network members can participate in online learning events, host community workshops and access advice on getting started with a climate change adaptation planning process. The presentations below are progress updates from Phase 1 and 2 communities to the Learning Network on their planning processes, implementation and lessons learned thus far. 

Learning Network Reflection Meeting (online): June 22, 2010

 Learning Network Reflection Meeting (online): February 9, 2010

Additional Presentations 

Presentations From the Technical Support Team Visit to Basin Communities: February 2010

City of Kimberley and District of Elkford: Presentations on Process and Adaptation Actions