A Quick Guide to Adaptation Actions

Actions by Theme

City of Castlegar staff and engineers take a tour of Castlegar's stomwater infrastructure as part of their adaptation project. The actions outlined in this section of the Resource Kit are organized around ten themes.  These themes come from the climate change impacts and actions identified by communities participating in CBT’s Communities Adapting to Climate Change Initiative (CACCI) and From Dialogue to Action

1. Decision-making and Communication
2. Infrastructure
3. Watersheds and Water
4. Wildfire
5. Agriculture and Food Security
6. Tourism and Recreation
7. Public Safety and Health
8. Transportation
9. Forestry and Mining
10. Transboundary Flood Control, Hydro and Energy 

The climate change impacts and action checklists presented in this section of the Resource Kit are organized by these thematic areas.

Climate Model Projections

The potential climate change impacts listed in this tool are based on climate model projections by the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC). The projections are anticipated trends for the future and may or may not occur in a given year, season or location. Climate projections for the Columbia Basin Region indicate that temperature and precipitation are changing: 

-> annual temperatures are expected to rise by 1.6 to 3.2 C by the 2050s;
-> annual average precipitation is expected to increase, with a net decrease in summer precipitation;
-> increased variability and extremes of temperature and precipitation;
-> increased frequency of extreme weather events; and
-> winter precipitation is more likely to fall as rain at lower elevations.