Overview of Community Projects 

Working with Phase 1 & 2 Communities on Implementation

The CACCI Team worked with Phase 1 & 2 communities (i.e. the communities who undertook year-long adaptation planning processes between 2008-2010) to identify common implementation needs, developing additional projects to support those needs. CACCI also followed these communities to track key learnings and innovations to share with other Basin communities via the Learning Network and this Resource Kit.

The following projects were conducted in collaboration with Phase 1 and 2 communities:

Phase 3 Communities and Projects

From 2011 to 2014, CACCI engaged nine additional communities in the climate resilience planning process through participation in a one-day climate resilience workshop. CACCI worked with these communities to develop and implement projects that addresses climate resilience, providing up to $10,000 in matched funding and expert advice as required from members of CACCI's Technical Support Team.

Workshop participants typically included local government staff, elected officials, and other key community stakeholders. During the workshop participants were guided to identify local climate risks and actions to mitigate those risks.

The projects summarized below were identified during the one-day workshops.

District of Sparwood: Project Summary * Summary of Final Report
City of Revelstoke: Project Summary * Final Report
Regional District of East Kootenay:  Project Summary * Final Report
Village of SalmoProject Summary
Regional District of Central KootenayProject Summary * Final Report
City of NelsonProject Summary * Final Report
Town of Creston: Project Summary
Village of Valemount: Project Summary
Hamlet of Yahk: Project Summary

Special Projects

CACCI Think Tank Summary * Final Report