Six-Step Planning Process

"There is no single approach to developing a community climate change adaptation plan. Ultimately, the needs of the community, the priorities identified through community engagement, and the best available science, will determine the best approach for a community." - Communities Adapting to Climate Change Initiative 2008/2009, Lessons Learned 

The key steps to successful adaptation planning outlined here were developed based on the experiences of the communities of Kimberley and Elkford (Phase 1 adaptation project communities) with the incorporation of a range of technical resources and expertise in climate change adaptation planning. 

The Phase 2 communities, Rossland, Castlegar and RDCK/Area D Kaslo, followed this six-step planning process to develop their adaptation action plans. This process was an effective approach to a year long adaptation planning process. It could be streamlined and adapted for shorter or more focused projects.

Quick links to the six steps:

  1. Get Started
  2. Learn About Climate Change
  3. Identify Priorities in Your Community
  4. Assess Vulnerability and Risk
  5. Develop Adaptation Strategies and Actions
  6. Implement and Monitor Plans

CBT Fact Sheet: Six-Steps to Successful Adaptation Planning