6. Tourism and Recreation


Potential Strategies for Tourism and Recreation


Potential Actions

Doing Already

6.1 Increase climate resilience of new tourism and recreation assets

Diversify tourism and recreation products and activities, including expanding warm-season activities 


Create a more formal structure for trail maintenance, expansion and operation in municipalities and electoral areas of regional districts

Develop trails and parks that can also serve as firebreaks and emergency access routes in the event of wildfire

Enhance the promotion of trails as a summer tourism attraction through websites and other means


Initiate education programs based on glacial retreat and unusual wildfire and pest events


Enhance the promotion of local nature tourism

6.2 Increase the climate resilience of existing tourism operations

Continue or consider snowmaking at ski hills at the beginning of ski seasons, and supplement as needed during the ski season.  Grooming can reduce the snow cover needed for skiable conditions

Create more natural golf courses, including seeding with more drought resistant turf/grass species

Conserve water on golf courses by reducing turf area, use of drought-resistant turf/grass species and irrigation systems that reuse grey water

Protect trails from damage by interface fuel reduction, salvage logging for pest management and wildfires

Increase riparian reserves to retain low water temperatures and quality fisheries habitats (from D2A)


Reconsider the current emphasis on cold-water species in lake fisheries stocking programs (from D2A)


Examine the merits of reinstating hydrometric stations on rivers and creeks that supply water for local water-based tourism

6.3 Ensure tourists are safe from climate-related hazards

Ensure appropriate ice and snow management in key pedestrian areas

Include tourists and tourism operators in safety warnings systems and emergency preparedness planning for climate-related hazards

§  Provide designated cooling areas for summer festivals and events

Useful Material

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