Adaptation Resource Kit User Guide

"The Resource Kit reflects the current best practices and knowledge regarding climate change adaptation in the Columbia Basin." - Coordinator for the Communities Adapting to Climate Change Initiative Phase 1 and 2

The focus of this Adaptation Resource Kit is sharing relevant information, tools and resources with communities in the Canadian Columbia Basin seeking to increase their climate resilience. It is based on local experiences of communities participating in Columbia Basin Trust's Communities Adapting to Climate Change Initiative (CACCI) from 2008-2014. 


The menu for this Kit can be found in the left margin. Clicking on the headings or the +/- symbols will expand or contract the menu for a heading. The blue links throughout the Kit will take you to other pages within the Kit or resources outside the Kit.

The objectives of the resource kit are to:
Councillor Hanne Smith from Rossland and Councillor Gord DeRosa from Trail get together to talk about climate change adaptation at the Second Regional Workshop for Local Government in 2009

  • Help communities start thinking about planning for climate resilience
  • Provide tools and resources for communities that have started climate resilience planning and action
  • Share the projects, learnings and experiences of communities that have participated in the Communities Adapting to Climate Change Initiative

Key tools in this resource kit include:

  • A database of climate change impacts and adaptation actions by theme
  • Lessons, reports and resources from participating communities (2008-2014)
  • Climate change adaptation planning approaches

You can start with Basin Resources by clicking here: Basin Specific Resources

Although this Kit provides useful information and guidance, it is not intended to be a 'how to' road map. Every community is unique and is encouraged to develop a planning process and approach that reflects its specific needs and circumstances. 

This resource kit may assist:

  • Local government staff and consultants doing climate adaptation and resilience planning 
  • Local governments interested in incorporating climate adaptation and resilience into their plans, policies, bylaws, and operations.
  • Researchers, governments and organizations interested in learning more about the Basin's climate change adaptation and resilience planning efforts.
  • Individuals who wish to learn about how climate change will affect their community and actions that can be taken to increase the climate resilience of their communities.